Friday, September 9, 2011


Is Velonotte really free?
- Yes, participation in VELONOTTE New York is free-of-charge, as well as in other venues by Moskultprog. You should pass the registration procedure. It is free as well. Don't forget bike, hemlet and FM-radio.

Hemlet is necessary?
- Yes, we consider it a must.

Does Velonotte provide a bike?
- You can rent a bike in New York City. Plenty of dealers offer them downtown and prices normally range between $15 and 40 per day.

Will I have to ride fast?
- Approximate calculated speed is around 7 km/h.

Are you going to make other Velonottes in 2012?
- Yes, we plan to organize the Velonotte Moscow in July and also the London Velonight is scheduled for June 23, 2012, during London Festival of Architecture. Check for details.

How can I help to Velonotte NYC?
- You can help with an advice or a donation. You can write to us, by sending the mail to velonotte[AT]

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